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New Class:                                Kenp Kicks                                     3 to 4 years old                            Thursday from 4 to 4:45

Class:  NewZumba
Wednesdays 9:00am - 10am

Black Belt Testing June 1, 2013

Black Belt Recertification         June 1, 2013




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Masters Kenpo

Welcome to Masters Kenpo Karate

At Masters Self Defense Centers of Seacoast New Hampshire,  you will receive the highest level of training available. Paul Karlik, chief instructor, has been teaching kenpo karate for the last 20 years and has been studying for 25 years in this system. 

Your black belt instructor is constantly upgraded in all facets of the martial arts, and as you progress, a shihan will oversee your evaluation and training. Your chief instructor and shihan combine their talents to form a team that is impossible to beat!

We offer a variety of events throughout the year. The martial arts training that you receive fosters self confidence, self respect, and physical coordination. These qualities can improve your day to day activities both inside the dojo and out. The instructors at Masters Self Defense Centers strongly recommend that students participate in these events to enjoy the benefits of healthy competition, participation, and especially camaraderie.

Masters Self Defense Centers offer group and private lessons, as well as tournaments, seminars in kenpo as well as other styles of martial arts and an annual awards banquet. People have joined the dojo for many reasons such as fitness, entertainment, self-defense, stress relief, and mental health. People of all ages will benefit from the exercise that kenpo and the martial arts offers.

We teach both empty hand Kenpo Karate and various martial arts weapons, such as sword, staff, sai's, kama, tonfa and escrima. Almost no other form of exercise can be done at any time or any place without equipment as easily and as advantageously as the martial arts.